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Two Precision Grinders from Hangji on Display at 13th Dongguan International Mould Exhibition
The 13th Dongguan International Mould & Metalworking Exhibition, the most influential grinder mould show in South China was held successfully from November 16th to19th, 2011 at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center. The exhibition covered a total area of over 70,000㎡, a 42% increase than last exhibition. The four-day exhibition attracted1300 exhibitors.
SL500/HZ and SL800/HZ CNC ultra-precision surface grinders of Hangzhou Hangji Machine Tool Co., Ltd were displayed at the exhibition. The staff of Hangji that participated in the exhibition introduced Hangji and recommended their products to the audience. The number of audience that requested for brochures and watched the grinders amounted to over 300 person-times. In the meantime, because of the continual track and contact work done by marketers responsible for the Guangdong Province beforehand, a great many users came specially to the booth of Hangji for visit and inquiry on the form grinders, double-ended grinders, gantry grinders and other products. Intention contracts over 3 to 5 general purpose grinders were signed during the exhibition, which of course was also based on the early stage negotiation beforehand. Besides, Hangji obtained the information of five manufacturers’ need for the ultra-precision grinders, compound grinders, double-ended grinders, etc.  
To achieve better demonstration effect, Hangji installed a workpiece display cabinet in the booth, on which 8 processing workpieces including aviation motor blades, toolholders, non-circular gears, linear rolling guides and automobile connecting rods were illustrated in pictures and text for audience to understand the process and grinding efficiency. The demonstration offered an intuitive introduction to form grinders, double-ended grinders and special purpose grinders that Hangji specially recommended. It worked very well.

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